The title of episode #14 is from a short story written by J.D. Salinger. It was loosely based on the life of Bessie Smith. Published in September of 1948, Salinger trusted Cosmopolitan to print it with no editing. While the publication didn't edit the story, they changed the title to "Blue Melody". Salinger was so angry that he swore to never publish his works in any other publication besides the New Yorker. 

The tone of this podcast varies. It continues to illustrate the width of my musical tastes. Recorded at such a fertile time, the music seems to reflect that. The France attacks had occurred the night before. The U.S. shootings are still in the culture and raw as they seem to have just happened. Some of the music deals with change. However, there is plenty of stuff played that I've just been listening to lately. Curtis Mayfield, Pavement, Magazine, etc... This is where I've been. #15 will be soon, as well. Feel free to leave comments. Thanks for spending time with me and my record collection!