EPISODE 22 : Julie Richmond Knows My Sign

It is nice to get back to the messy/all over the place kind of podcast that I love doing. I really loved and enjoyed the last couple of installments focused on 70's Soul, Funk, & Pop Music. However, I listen to so many types of music, and I adore the opportunity to share with you all kinds of shit. 'Cause that is what I listen to. There was a lot of ground to cover here. I think I covered it... Feel free to leave comments here on the site. I love feedback on what you guys relate to, and what you may not. I'd like this thing to become a dialogue; Not just a monologue. Ha! Henry Thomas, The 88, The Beach Boys, Willis Alan Ramsey, Quasi, Spicoli, Guru, and a lot of my voice... all represented here. Hope you all enjoy! See you all on #23!