EPISODE 44 : The Umpire Strikes Back!

It's been a little while, friends. I do apologize. I could say I like to be fashionably late, or, that I like to keep you in suspense, however, the truth is that my ass just got sick for a little while. However, I made it through, and I'm feeling much better. I hope I wasn't rusty on this episode. I thoroughly enjoyed doing it. I was inspired, in part, by "Star Wars Day"... May the 4th be with you... I tried to mix it up a bit with a few recognizable tracks, as well as things that are a bit deeper. Pinback, The Byrds, The Clean, Dion, Blind Faith, Marvin Gaye, and many others make contributions to our 44th episode! Hope it was worth the wait, and thanks for still hanging in there with me! Feel free to leave comments in the section below!