EPISODE 54 : The Life And Times Of J. Frank Muggs

Who is J. Frank Muggs? Well, he was a chimpanzee that was featured on the "Today" show on NBC from 1953-'57. In those days, Dave Garroway was a staple on that show. My friend, Andy Flores, once told me, "Clint, there is NOTHING funnier than chimps in clothes..." I don't disagree. Once again this podcast finds you after being recorded live in Houston, TX! Subjects covered include ice cream trucks, the make-over of this website by my partner in crime, Jason Willis, great songwriters from the Gulf Coast, the smell of newly mowed grass, Summers in Houston, and much more. Music selections include artists such as Steve Earle, Van Morrison, Husker Du, Sly & The Family Stone, Louis Armstrong, The Red Devils, Dion, and more!