EPISODE 59 : Harvey

Of all of the episodes that I've done of this podcast, this one not only meant a lot to me, but seemed like a moment in Houston to seize and comment on. It also, happens to reflect "a day" in all of our lives here in the 4th largest city in America. This podcast is my attempt at brightening a dimly lit situation. Hurricane season is always a strange time for anyone that lives along the Gulf Coast. All of the music featured here involves themes of wind, storm, rain, flooding, and adversity... I hope you all enjoy 78 minutes of time away from the weather and craziness. Peter Gabriel, Los Lobos, The Grateful Dead, The Champagne Brothers, Carole King, Johnny Cash, Counting Crows, and Houston blues legend Sam "Lightnin'" Hopkins all make musical appearances here. Keep your heads up, and stay dry. I'm thinking of all affected by this devastating weather.