EPISODE 66 : 5th Beatle For A Day

2019? Whoever heard of such? I was invincible and never going to get old just a few years ago. Father time and Mother Nature can take it deep! In all seriousness, I really did enjoy doing this episode. I'm beginning to feel more comfortable and at ease with the episodes upon their return. I mention in the episode that I was scared to bring the podcast back because it can be so much more personal than my radio program. For God's sake, I can't say I've been out of my element. I do these in MY LIVING ROOM! However, It's a different beast, and I've found a new path to walk with it. Isn't that sweet? What happens on this episode? Well, I have a famous co-host that I never banked on, for starters. Phil and Don, Moe and Joe, Mike and Clint... Mister Rogers meets me at my 90 minute massage. I thank some very important friends. Who the hell is Jane Asher? Not THAT partner of Elton John's. The other one! Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller took their brilliance to the city of angels before it was the gold standard. From the music library come played sides by The Troggs, The Cops, Peter and Gordon, The Beach Boys, Mike Stinson, Cracker, Patsy Cline, Jon Brion, The Rolling Stones, John Cage, Radiohead, Galaxie 500, and oh, possibly more. You just can never tell with these things. Thanks to all of you reading this for continuing to come back and listen to the podcast. It's always nice to have you all over to listen to records, and my rhetoric! See ya on #67!