EPISODE 49 : 1963

This is a "themed" episode of the podcast. Sometimes I get an idea in my head, and it won't go away until I embrace it. As I mention on the podcast, the subject of the Kennedy assassination and the year 1963 has been coming up with a few friends. The more I'd thought about it, I was intrigued by not only the music I know and own from that year, but how much of a transitional year '63 was in American culture. Malcolm X, John F. Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Muhammad Ali, the march on Washington, the civil rights struggle, protests beginning to happen regarding so many injustices in our country... Then there was the soundtrack to all of this. This is an exploration into a year of shock, innocence, pride, and so many other things. It seemed like 1963 was a year where we thought things would always stay the same in many ways, meanwhile, things started changing around us without us even noticing. We would acknowledge many changes in the coming years, but I think it started here. It was kind of a "sleeper" year of sorts. I hope you all enjoy hearing what 1963 sounded like. This episode is dedicated to Steve-O "The Nightrider", Robert "X" Brown, Murry The "K", John R., Wolfman Jack, Dick Bartley, Alan Freed, Cousin Brucie, Dewey Phillips, Bob Ferguson, Rodney Binginheimer, Phillip, Glenn, and Freddie Broussard, and so many other DJ's and lovers of different eras of music.