EPISODE 50 : Forty-Nine Plus One

I have to be honest. I never thought that this thing would hold anyone's attention past 20 episodes. Even MINE! I'm so glad, however, that this podcast has seemingly taken on a life of its own and challenged me both personally, and musically. It's been such a gift to share so much with you, the listener for 50 episodes! Wow! I tackle subjects such as tropical storms, my favorite album, and the upside of being ill. The soundtrack to these ramblings are furnished by Zager & Evans, Sonic Youth, Jimi Hendrix, The Browns, Rose Melberg, Monty Python, The Four Coins, and even our friend, Brian Whelan. There is more packed in, of course. So... light some incense, take your shoes off, turn up the volume, and come hang in my living room once again for #50 of the A Day In The Life Podcast! Houston Proud!