EPISODE 62 : Please Remain Standing... And NO KNEELING!

Two episodes in one week? Yes, people. Two episodes in one week. It was my original intention to have two posted at one time, but it just fell together this way. If nothing else, it will give you guys Something To Du. It's funny, here it took me a while to jump back on the horse, and as I say in this episode, I'm already coming up with ideas for things I'd like to do soon here. It's such a nice thing to be back doing this. I really missed it. It sorta feels like a missing piece of a familiar puzzle has been placed. There's a lot happening here. There is a couple of nods to Canada. One set dedicated to one of its most celebrated bands in the country's history... And for good reason. Neil Young reaches out to his deceased Mom, Doo-Wop goes Rock Steady, Lefty Frizzell reminds us of the impact and influence he had on damn near every country singer that came after him (along with Hank Williams, of course...). Even without a deck of cards, you get a pair of Kings, the Love and Hatred concerning the Rock 'N Roll, Fat Tony representing 3rd Ward, What I consider to be the most important recording in music history. It happened in 1928, and changed everything. A true landmark. Talks of buying Halloween Candy from a clerk without a brain, encouragement to turn your living room upside down, Grant Hart wrote great songs, and more! Let us know you stream us by emailing adayinthelifepodcast@gmail.com. See you guys on the other side of the coin. I'm sure it will be soon.