EPISODE 61 : Please Rise As The Search For Something Continues

Have you ever watched and followed a show on TV where in between seasons they take a year and a half to two years off to film the new season? Well, it didn't take me over a year to record this episode, but a lot of times with those shows, they'd pick up from the current time and not fill in or explain what happened in between the seasons. I tried my best not to do that. I gave a short "Cliff's Notes" version of my mysterious disappearance. Health issues are the long and short of it. I've been so anxious to get back to the podcast. This is such a personal and important thing to me. I created it out of thin air from a grass roots level, and I am proud of what I've been able to do with it. I've always said, it's a mix of a podcast, an audio journal, and a music blog. I'm trying to keep that mission statement at the core of the episodes. There was a lot to cover here, and I did my best without talking too terribly much. I speak about the biggest loss I've experienced in my life thus far, radio in Austin, TX circa early/mid 1990's, and even memories of some great shows I got to witness over the years. Musically on the menu, we have The Rayvonettes, Alexander "Skip" Spence, Nancy Sinatra, Pavement, Josh Rouse, Jim Reeves, The Bobs, and even a double shot of Willie Nelson. By that, the title of the Magazine track I play is “The Great Man’s Secrets”. I got chatty and forgot to mention the song title. I’m a bonehead. I hope it sounds like there was no beat missed and I've been able to carry on in the vein of what came before. You can email the podcast at adayinthelifepodcast@gmail.com! From this point on, the episodes shall be frequent and free to stream! It's great to see you all again! Episode #61! Dig It, Y'all!