EPISODE 77 : Graveyard Shift

"Graveyard Shift, Clint?" Yes. For three reasons, 1. Having been recorded in October, it seemed a good title for such a month. 2. I recorded this episode pretty late night. AND 3. Unfortunately, the meat and potatoes of this podcast deals with the loss of many artists that seemed to leave us all at about the same time.

Every time I'd go to record the new episode, it seemed someone who rested in my record collection passed on. I kept deciding to wait and incorporate them all if possible. Daniel Johnston, Eddie Money, and Ric Ocasek all died within about a week of one another. I felt I had some things to share about all three. So I did. Along with my anecdotes, come other things as well... Harriet Nelson talks Rock N' Roll with her son, Rick, Bryan Adams has the same Birthday as who? Hot Lips Page ain't got no flies on him. Michael Penn has always made good music. Tom Waits channels Daniel Johnston through King Kong. HeresnotherunfrumChuckProphet-mah…

Hope you guys enjoy this one as much as the others. Look for Episode #78 soon!