EPISODE 76 : Vulnerable After A Paper Cut/Family Is Everything

Surrounded by records and a beautiful day, although a hot one, Episode #76 is here for you to enjoy. My mind was in a few different places throughout the day. I'd decided to go ahead and get an episode done. It was a great, therapeutic escape from things. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did recording it! What lies here is as follows: Grizzly Bear takes me back, Sonny and Cher kept the Wrecking Crew in great material, Frank Zappa sleeps in a jar, Uncle Tupelo may have changed Country Music, Kingsway Studios produced some great records in New Orleans through the vision of Daniel Lanois and Mark Howard, Kiss liked the "Their Satanic Majesty's Request" album, Jimmy Durante was a unique talent, Hurricane Dorian has been a nightmare for many, something from the email grab bag, Elvis Is Red... Elvis Is Blue with a two song shot, Brian Whelan records a demo of a song Mike Stinson wrote and hasn't recorded. Thank you to the both of them for allowing me to share that with you all. Support is always appreciated. It's so humbling that you all continue to listen and reach out. Thank you all.