EPISODE 70 : Dollar Straight, Dollar Box- DJ "Every Man"

Everybody say Hey. Everybody say Ho. Another episode comes creeping into your electronic device... I'd been trying to get a new episode out, but had to spend a few days in the hospital last week. I'm fine, just an oil change and age up keep. Sometimes you gotta rotate the tires. Well, Clint... what do you have in store for us? Well, people of the podcast... On this episode, Van McCoy does more than "The Hustle", DJ's are coming for us all, The Ramones remind us about radio, The Supremes do one of my favorite songs ever, Tommy Stinson continues to put out great music, what I sounded like at 14 years old, Bettie covers Dylan, Marty Stuart is the man, Sesame Street adds it up for the Boss, Buddy Holly did an arrangement you didn't know about, College Radio makes you sound serious, People butt into conversations too often, Lee Hazelwood saw the whiskey bottle, yes, Tito Puente has always been that good, pictures of your kids can make daydreams seem like death, John Prine was always a bad ass... AND MORE! Check it out and feel free to email: adayinthelifepodcast@gmail.com

DJ Some Clever Name.