EPISODE 71 : Mr. Broussard, I'll Need Proof Of Insurance, And Your I.V.

A Podcast First! I, literally recorded this episode with an IV in. Ha! My health endeavors have had me pushed to the brink of where I just wanted to do something that made me feel normal. Hence, this podcast. All I had to do was go in the living room, and fire up the equipment. While doing it, I felt a bit of energy that I didn't have earlier in the day. I'm so glad to bring this one to you all. 

Nothing can save you from me being me, however. Ha! Therefore, my sarcasm, my daily reports of nonsense, and my taste in music all shines through, thankfully. 

"What can we look forward to, Clint?", you ask? No, you didn't? Well, I'll tell you! The Heptones sing about a "Hypocrite", Jesse Dayton Changes his ways, Charles Brown and Amos Milburn want to take it to the house, and Sam Cooke wants to meet them there, Peter Sellers wants you to murder your family? The Hellacopters bring us Nothing By The Truckloads, Elliott Smith recorded his best record in his apartment, George Michael pays tribute to Stevie Wonder, The Replacements need a ride to the hospital, a band formally known as Mammoth asks anyone to get a doctor, Darlene says hello, and sings a classic girl group standard, Mark Riddell is the Godfather of what? ...And MUCH more. See how you dig this one. Thanks for continued support!