EPISODE 72 : Don't Add Up Your Troubles, Count Your Blessings

The hernia files continue! Been a little while, kids. Sorry about that. I've been dealing with some health stuff. I've got a few episodes up my sleeve. On this episode, you'll hear the Monroe Brothers get upset about how the good times, Minor Threat asks you to Think Again, Pete Tijerina turned me on to Jaill, Jesse Lankford is a dead ringer for Roy Orbison, Kevin Russell tells my secret about wrestling an alligator, Chris Bell sings with Alex Chilton one last time, T.K. gets walked past on Graduation Night, Depeche Mode reminds us that a vote can change the world when Princess Di wears her new duds, Vanessa loves Bright Eyes, Jackson C. Frank is really amazing, Seeds and Stems? That's it?, Aimee Mann goes acoustic, John Lennon is such a loser, The Charles River Valley Boys take the Beatles into the mountains, The Gentry's are from Memphis, and much, much more. Please continue to check back here on the website for new episodes. There will be more soon. Thank you for continuing to support passions from the living room.