EPISODE 73 : First Time Listener, Long Time Baller

The turntables keep spinning! Welcome back, peeps. This was a fun episode to do. Most all of them are, but there was a lot to get to on this one, so it was a busy one. Throughout the podcast, we pay tribute to a Texas legend. So much here. The Beat is a band from where? Who is Sam Hopkins? He knew there would be more war? A Red Temple Prayer is heard. Tommy Edwards knows the game of love, PJ Harvey continues to put out killer stuff, My prescriptions are ready, Pride weekend is going strong still, Who are the Spades? Eddie Cochran still rocks harder than almost anything, Billy Sherrill produced Tammy's best work, and she decides she'll be a bar fly for you, and 4 hernia surgeries just aren't enough... Plus much more. Thanks for continued support. Spread the word!