EPISODE 74 : Ten Feet Can Give You Perspective

Of course I didn't forget about you! Welcome to episode #74 of the podcast! I'm so glad you guys are still joining me on these little endeavors. I hope they continue to peak your interest. My voice is a bit raspy on this episode, as my brother helped along a light head cold into full throttle hell on earth. It was time to get an episode out to ya, though, and here it be. Things to look/listen for here: Early Cat Stevens, Ruby Velle & The Soulphonics, FB & The C's, Neil Finn, another Neil that's been to Buffalo and tells of Philadelphia, New music from Jimbo Mathus and DJ Shadow (Featuring De La Soul), Wilco gets played, either way, Anthony DeCurtis pops in, a great band from New Jersey who loves their fans, The Stones have breakfast cereal and serve up an entire set, and much, much more. Including rhetoric and story telling of the lowest order. Ha! I'm glad to be back with you all, and plan to get a new episode up every 7-10 days. Thanks for continued support! Like us on Facebook! Look for A Day In The Life Podcast!