EPISODE 75 : Dedications And Medications

We might need a countdown for the countdown! Episode #75 is here! It's traveled all this way to get to you, and here it is. Will you invite it into your home? Your job? Your car? Your heart? Wishful thinking! This episode was recorded live in my living room, of course on Labor Day weekend, 2019. Sunday, as a matter of fact. Things to look forward to: Fat Tony peeks in on us, The Wedding Present at the BBC, Soul Asylum recorded on Twin Tone Records before they broke big, The Who take us on an Amazing Journey, chewing gum, and the importance it can hold in our hearts, The 4 Seasons had hits during Beatlemania, fast food wars over chicken sandwiches, what Tool sounded like before the new album, The Isley Brothers, Mel Smith wears a Pretty Plaid Skirt, Vintage Trouble, 007 and James Newell Osterberg, Jr., No longer Searching For Sugarman, Riot Grrrrl movement has an anthem, Boston marches straight, and MUCH MORE! Thanks for continued support!